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Universal Eagle's Syndrome symbol

I am considering getting an Eagle tattoo due to my journey. I am wondering if anyone knows if there is possibly already a symbol for us? Or if putting this out there might get one created?
Could be used for jewelery, clothing, …just for broadened awareness and because we are awsome strong individuals!! :eagle:

Hi shayney,

As far as I know there is no ES symbol so you can be the creator of that (I have nil artistic ability). I’d sure wait awhile to get a tattoo though. You don’t want to be poking holes in your skin that could create new entryways for coronavirus at this time.

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Extremely good point. Plus I have kids and grandkids to spoil so affording one isn’t in my near future.
But one day…when I find the perfect eagle :slight_smile:

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When you do make sure the eagle talons are predominate because that is what our styloids look like.