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Weird Symptoms after Wisdom Teeth removal

So i have posted here before that i have had Eagles symptoms on right side for 6 years and have had my right styloid partially removed. Well 4.5 weeks ago i had all 4 wisdom teeth removed and since a week after surgery I have had throat pain down by my jugular notch area and chest pain. The chest is tender to touch and throat pain is sometimes pain, sometimes choking feeling/tightness. I have been taking acid reducers since onset with zero improvement. I have since seen an ENT and GI. ENT said everything looked fine. GI stated we have ran several tests in the past including Manometry and Upper GI being all negative for acid. She reluctantly scheduled another endoscope to look again at esophagus but believes this either a hypersensitivity or muscular issue. Wonder if this could be Eagles related at all? On my CT’s i was always told i don’t have any calcification. My GP put me on some Magic Mouthwash to see if it coats throat and heals up as she had no more ideas.

Hi mikeg,

I’m sorry for what you’re going through. Others have had tooth extractions that flared up ES symptoms. Since your styloid was only partially removed, there is a chance it has regrown. There is also a chance that the piece that’s left is long enough it is causing symptoms again.

The nerve that can be affected w/ wisdom tooth extraction is the trigeminal nerve & sometimes the facial nerve. It’s often also affected by ES. The chest pain, throat (including choking sensation)/esophageal & gastrointestinal issues can all be related to vagus nerve irritation. With the exception of your chest being tender to the touch all other symptoms have been seen w/ ES. Many of our members have been treated for GERD w/o any results because the cause was vagus nerve irritation not extra stomach acid.

The “Magic Mouthwash” may contain lidocaine or some other numbing agent that will temporarily relieve pain but won’t make it go away permanently.

I would recommend that you ask your GP or ENT for a CT scan to revisit Eagle Syndrome to see how long your styloids are & to check for calcification on your stylohyoid ligaments. There are no ES doctors on our list for your state. That’s not to say there isn’t one but no one has recommended someone. There are two doctors in Nebraska & 2 in Minnesota. Using the magnifying glass icon above, you can get whatever information is on this forum about them based on posts by members who’ve seen them. If you can travel, then three good options would be Dr. Cognetti in Philadelphia, PA, Dr. Samji in San Jose, CA, or Dr. Milligan in Phoenix, AZ. These are the 3 most experienced ES surgeons on our Doctors’ List. Both Dr. Samji & Dr. Cognetti will do phone consults once they have your CT scan & radiology report in hand. I don’t believe Dr. Milligan does phone consults.

Here are pictures of where the vagus nerve & trigeminal nerve are in your body. Just seeing their locations can help to explain symptoms.

So sorry that you’re in alot of pain after the dental treatment. I agree with all that Isaiah has said, would add that the wisdom tooth extraction can be quite tricky & needs alot of pulling & tugging, so it could be it’s upset nerves, or maybe has affected scar tissue from your previous surgery which is now irritating nerves. Otherwise it could be regrowth, so getting another CT would be good.
I have seen mention of chest pain with vascular ES; if the carotid artery is compressed/ irritated it can cause pain along it’s length. Do you have any vascular symptoms- dizziness etc?
Hope that you get some answers soon…

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Hi @mikeg,

So sorry you are experiencing pain after wisdom teeth removal. I had wisdom teeth removal before I even knew I had ES. The symptoms I had before the wisdom teeth removal continued after and I lived with it for over 13 years.

Question: which side hurts? Right or left? You had a right styloid process removal and it was partial. If your body produces calcium naturally then it can re-grow. Some indicators of your body creating a lot of calcium is if your sweat residue on your clothes leaves white stains or your teeth create a lot of calcification. If you have visited your dentist they would be wondering how is it possible you create so much.

Also, can you explain your chest pain. Try to think about sharp, dull or throbbing? Which one is it, and is it triggered by stimulus, like touching or can’t trigger the pain by touch etc.

Another thing that you should try to understand is if anti-inflammatory or pain receptors blocking meds help. Anti-inflammatory will be all NSAID (ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen sodium etc.) or pain Receptor blocking will be acetaminophen (Tylenol).

An assessment like that will help you cover your symptoms with your Dr. this way your Dr will be able to make a better decision of what tests to administer and diagnose you better.

I hope this can help you and please let me know if you need any further assistance.


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