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Who knew it was Eagle’s Syndrome

Hi sewmomma

How are you doing? I hope well! I have just had eagle surgery yesterday. I did bilateral intraoral. on the left an elongated styloid process of 3.8 cm and on the right calcification of the s-h ligament of 3.3 cm but with an interval without calcification. I am anguished. I know it takes a while for the nerves and muscles to rebuild but I wanted to know a bit about your symptoms before and after surgery.

My symptoms before surgery: pressure and pain in the ears. I feel like the muscles inside the ear are being pulled. when I swallow or yawn I hear a loud clicking inside my ear. but not when I drink liquid. tension and pain in the soft palate or top of the throat (I can’t explain). But I have no pain while swallowing as most eagle people have.

For 3 years i’m from doctor to doctor. millions of exams. The first group I joined on Facebook is called “ear clicking popping eustachian tube”. many people in the group with symptoms similar to mine and desperate without finding a cure. I was very bad when reading the posts of this group. As it is not fatal, it seems that doctors do not care and are thinking that it is our mind and we need a psychiatrist. As it is an invisible question, nobody understands. Well, after 3 years, a constant tinnitus, hyperacusis, and a kind of myoclonus in the right ear began but it stops when I move my neck. As they are not typical symptoms of ES and my styloid process is not too long, I hesitated a lot to do the surgery, but as I was desperate for a chance of cure, I ended up doing it, even to exclude it as a cause. I know it’s too early. I have to wait but I wanted to hear about your symptoms before and after surgery. I operated yesterday. tinnitus and hyperacusis remain the same. the “click” when swallowing saliva somehow is different now. Right after surgery was only on the right side and today on the left. Before were both sides. The pressure in the ears is lower but I think it’s because of phlegm and inflammation in the palate and throat. when I got cold, the pressure in my ears dropped too. Clicking is not the worst symptom but it is as if it was proof that the cause of my symptoms was not the eagle. Did you hear the “click” when swallowing saliva? only you listened or other people too? thanks!

Hi there!

The first few days of post-op are so crazy!!! It’s good that the click you hear is somewhat different - it can be on it’s way out…slowly.

My click could be felt from the outside - it was bone on bone cracking or something along those lines. People could put there hands on my throat and feel it. Now it is sloooooowlly getting quieter and quieter. In fact, I’m 3 months after surgery this coming Friday and just this week I’ve had a few days with no click. 3 months after surgery!!! This stuff takes forever to settle!!!

If you can search “thankful for you all” in the magnifying glass you will find my original post. One or two down I list all my symptoms. It’s all almost gone. I’m so close.

Do you have family support? Hang in there. You’re going to be ok :slight_smile:

Thanks sewmomma. I have family support!
Wish you the best