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Worried about my mom


Hello. My mom was just diagnosed finally after many many testings. I know she has been in pain. I always see her holding her neck in discomfort. I am so worried something is going to happen to her. Can anyone please give me some recomendations for specaliats that do this surgery in Florida. Weve been having trouble finding anyone who even knows whag eagle syndrome is. Another question, if my mom doesnt get this done could she die? Please please help me :pensive: thank you.


There is a list of doctors in the newbies section I believe, but I live in Orlando and used Dr. Jeffrey Scott Magnuson. He works out of Florida Hospital Celebration. :pray:


Also, I asked my doctor about the possibility of death and he said it’s more likely that you’ll win the lottery than die from Eagles Syndrome. She’ll be fine and most likely feel so much better after surgery. Wishing you well!


Thank you so much!!! I am going to have my mom call them on Monday. I’m so relieved to hear that. I was so worried about strokes or it hitting her arteries. Was yours internal or external? How long do you stay in hospital usually. How are you feeling now? Thank you for responding


I had an internal robotic surgery on my left side in January. My styloid was compressing my internal carotid artery and the ligament was calcified. I still have an elongated styloid on the right side that was touching my jugular vein as of my August 2017 CT scan, but I’m opting to leave it because it is not causing me major symptoms right now. I was in the hospital overnight and in bed for about a week. Everybody has a different experience though. Some people feel fine within a couple of days. I’m definitely glad I had the surgery. Most of my symptoms were gone immediately, especially the neck pain. I still have tinnitus, but it is better. :+1:t2:


Annadee- the latest doctors list is in the Doctors Info section, here’s a link : Latest Doctors List 2017
There are several doctors in Florida as well as the doctor pinkeagle had surgery with.
There are extremely rare cases of ES causing strokes by compressing an artery, but this is very, very rare, so I know it’s hard not to worry, but try not to. It’s great that you’re helping your mum- there’s info in the Newbies Guide about symptoms & what might cause them, & also about vascular ES (when the styloids can irritate or compress blood vessels). Hopefully if you can get more information, it’ll put your mind at rest. Best wishes to your mum!


Pinkeagle do you mind telling me where you got your robotic surgery?


Hi! I had mine done at Florida Hospital Celebration in Celebration, Florida. I hope that helps.



How is your mom doing since her surgery? I’m hoping she’s feeling much better.



Does your doctor have lots of experience in ES surgery?
I mean you had a good one, so he must be.